Voice Lessons

Any Voice. Any Genre. 

Voice Lessons in Eagle Mountain, UT and the surrounding areas.

Zoom Lessons also available. See below for more details!


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With a Masters degrees in Music Education and Bachelors Degrees in both Music Education (Voice) and Theater Education, J.P. Kentros is highly qualified to train students to sing with top vocal technique and healthy tone quality befitting of their individual voices.

Beyond directing high school choirs full time for the last 13 years, Kentros has trained singers in private lessons to success in many solo singing festivals, competitions, as well as classical, musical theater, pop, and jazz performances.

Kentros is committed to training students to sing in any style or genre from any time period. Using research based techniques and training, students will be taught to create a strong foundation healthy vocal technique. They will sing in a way that will strengthen their voices for years to come.

Mr. Kentros will also record each voice lesson, as well as provide other recorded practice materials to ensure that students are given ample resources to practice at home and make the very most of their training.

Lessons are available at Mr. Kentros's home studio in Eagle Mountain, UT. Mr. Kentros works in Sandy, UT and will also visit student homes for lessons if the commute and works from a scheduling standpoint. Zoom voice lessons are also available.

Price and Availability

Voice lessons are $20 for a half hour lesson.

Lessons are available to any age or level of experience.

Contact J.P. Kentros with questions: KentrosArts@gmail.com or call at 702-630-6503


Fill out the above form to formally request a voice lesson time!